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Sneakersnstuff and PUMA was a well-known Swedish shoe again, launched the "Adventurer Pack", which was inspired by the brand managers often travel to the United States and the local shoe market to purchase some rare shoes adventure, the first is the turquoise Erik style, leather uppers lined with the use of the old version of the passport in Sweden as inspiration, seal and the details of the entry and exit are complete and in return, black style is to the original host Peter purchase shoes carrying a large black backpack, durable nylon material, in addition to Europe area, this area is available in Japan this week. news source: shoesmasterUnder Armour offers Curry One 'Splash Party' Birthday PE for the 27 year old birthday Stephen Curry, and is also playing in today's game. under-armour-curry-one-birthday-05under-armour-curry-one-birthday-05 under-armour-curry-one-birthday-03under-armour-curry-one-birthday-03 under-armour-curry-one-birthday-04under-armour-curry-one-birthday-04 compared to last year's Anatomix Spawn, Curry One 'Splash Party' has more personal details. The tongue is like "3|14" date, and the use of shoelaces' 330 'and' 510 'represents the birthplace of Akron and Oakland code to be present. In addition, the hidden life picture of the insole seems to be a birthday surprise for him, full of memories and stories. NK-C-10-groupNK-C-10-group NK-C-61NK-C-61 NK-C-15NK-C-15 the past two years, Stephen Curry on a very smooth and with accuracy of skill for their rapid accumulation of popularity, from its constantly launched shoes that can Under Armour for the new generation of defenders are more and more attention. Finally, looking forward to next year's Birthday PE, I wish Stephen Curry a happy birthday! source: Sole Collector / Nicekicks True Sport Performance "uphold the spirit of the new revolutionary? ASICS shoes GEL-QUANTUM 360 technology cheap jordans for sale innovation tecncia equipped with hitherto unknown," Arthur gum, make the runner has a 360 degree full protection. After three years of hard research and development of GEL-QUANTUM 360, provide a strong shock absorbing buffer ability, hope that all runners can experience the feel of the one and only. ASICS global footwear marketing commodity department general manager Gerard Klein said, "Arthur's Sports Institute to develop a new thinking on ergonomic cushioning system, maximize the shock absorbing buffer, and let consumers see Arthur glue enhanced, ASICS is very happy to see the new 360 degree revolutionary Arthur rubber buffer technology. ", Arthur, glue, patent technology, runners run even longer."The Arthur rubber shock system is a patented ASICS mitigation technique designed to allow runners to absorb shock shock at the moment of shock and toe departure at different road transitions. 360 debut with the new GEL-QUANTUM, ASICS cushioning system to a new level, the distribution of Arthur gum on the foot, provides a cushioning effect for the largest athletes without sacrificing stability shoes itself. in the design also consider the different needs of the structure of the TRUSSTIC system and to strengthen the bottom, Solyte light weight in the bottom, with the back foot heel system to improve the stability, complement each other with the spring to release energy, help run in each training have better performance; the vamp also use FluidFit material supply system the support and a more comfortable experience, finally a new generation of ComforDry is to provide antimicrobial insole runners maintain clean running after. GEL-QUANTUM 360 ASICS flagship store 7/21 exclusive saleThe design and appearance of with high performance, let GEL-QUANTUM 360 also won the 2015 New York marathon has become official designated by the shoes, but GEL-QUANTUM 360 this time in Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping Taiwan a total sale of four colors, each of two pairs of men and women, the first 7/21 flagship store to sell, the price of 5980 yuan. male: T5J1N-3090 / T5J1N-4090 female paragraph: T5J6N-0635 / T5J6N-8393 GEL-QUANTUM 360 shoes 1. foot Arthur characteristics of 2. FluidFit upper gum material 6. Solyte 〉 stabilityNIKE uses its proud weaving technology to create eye-catching visual effects to fly again on Q full play the collocation of foot cushion proud, leading to Flyknit Max since the launch will instantly become many people's mind, lightweight shoes with bright eyes of others quickly grasp the shoes in the first time, this should be attributed to have unlimited tension and ductility in the use of the color of the Flyknit fabric, some black shades of green collocation and showing the staggered summer gorgeous feeling, let a person look like a cup of kiwi Smoothie eliminate o! source: Sneakernews love basketball, you are always full of blood, but always holding the TV to see NBA? The United States NBA forward Adrian is no longer a dream! NBA official designated ball SPALDING (Spalding) will bring fans forward the world basketball tournament's highest hall, from now until July 31st, to participate in SPALDING consumer activities, there is the opportunity to go to the United States to see NBA. NBA has been to the site to watch diehard fans yearning, in addition to be able to see their idols, aside from the TV screen, viewing on the immediate reality game intense close combat, intense and difficult technology Bipin, so many fans want to see a life of absolute site NBA. But since 1983 to become the official ball League, and is committed to the promotion of SPALDING basketball, this will take you into the NBA, watch the most authentic NBA regular season, full of football fans basketball dream. 2016 SPALDING NBA scratch card happy line "activities, Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping until July 31st, the people to the designated dealer store, buy a new NBA player badge ball, ball series or NBA LOGO ball either, you can get a scratch card, consumers in the field have scraped customs the password, and using a mobile phone to scan on the scratch card QR Code login activity page, you can participate in the draw input data. The biggest award for SPALDING free entertainment, go to the United States to watch the NBA2016-2017 routine game b, a person winning two people counterparts, each with Taipei, the United States round-trip ticket, NBA tickets each one, and 4 days, 3 nights accommodation. Other more iPad, air, 2, SPALDING, backpacks and other rich awards, fans must not miss! Details can be found on the official events page or on the SPALDING Facebook fan page. SPALDING NBA - ball / knight Cavaliers recently officially confirmed the news release LEBRON 12 INSTINCT color, Nike is also coming in shortly after the launch of the new iD option, let love shoes design exploration shoe makers to be able to express their ideas in the shoes, and the new "INSTINCT" originated from the rapid global insight of hummingbirds, by pictures to see the shoe body Hyperposite material can be replaced according to personal preference color. source: Sneaker NewsCP3.VII is Jordan Brand Flight Club Christmas "in the most dazzling, a large area of fluorescent yellow leather and orange lines like flying radar covered with dark green shoes, the shoes Dynamic Flywire technology also use orange configuration, some mixed fabric anti light lace detail, and rear parts of the black layer gradually the set consists of black leather and engaging in the bottom of the splashed paint set, outsole is also quite bold and transparent fluorescent yellow, with distinct characteristics, although the series of shoes in the least reflective materials and the extensive use of leather, but t cheap jordans online he overall tone bold it has with other several pairs of shoes with the same series eye-catching degree! Provide dynamic support Dynamic Flywire fit the foot, can help keep the shoe body, force outsole on transformation direction and stop the point of extension, in addition the continuation of low tube shape and forefoot evolution series of Podulite collocation Zoom air design, the need to provide the flexibility and reaction game excellent shock front feedback regardless of performance or design, CP3.VII Christmas Edition gives a very quick impression. Russell Westbrook following last year, once again become the first to wear shoes on the flagship contract players, but with the last time, this is the first exposure of the home court color thunder, the earlier the thunder team grabbed the first victory after we let people enjoy the first time exposure of the photos you kan shoes, more clear picture please look forward to tomorrow published daily with real players. source: Mark, D., Smith, for, USA, Today, Ronald, Martinez, Layne, Murdoch, for, Getty / NBAE / Sole, Collector / / AARONKNOWS[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] recently released 2014 earnings Adidas seemed relieved, and its sales revenue growth in all regions except North America, where the majority of the market and have achieved double-digit growth . But whether in the Greater China region and globally, there are still some problems to be solved for this company. This year is the Adidas "road leading to 2015," the critical moment, from the brand strategy it is bound to be a move to attract consumers. 2014 the year for Adidas can be described as joy and sorrow are two different worlds. The joy is the world's second largest sporting goods manufacturer, sustain the Group's full-year sales growth of 6% Data: 2014 product line because of its strengths - sports performance series and sport Retro jordans for sale s fashion series, Greater China full-year sales growth of 10% to 1.811 billion euros in the fourth quarter sales growth of 11%; while Group's global sales growth of 6%, up from the 14.203 billion euros in 2013 to 14.534 billion euros in 2014, an increase of 2%. sad is that this looks good sales performance did not bring a good-looking earnings. Due to the euro exchange rate, increased costs, as well as steps to sell its brand of music losses, net loss widened Adidas. German sportswear maker said the three months ended December 2014, the net loss of 140 million euros, the losses far higher than the 10 million euros over the same period of 2013. Nike beat before, after dogged Under Armour Adidas in the market to competition, but also a great effort. leading to 2015, the Chinese market has become the focus of 2010 Adidas in China's market share just came in fourth place, the top face of Nike, Li Ning and Anta. Adidas was in the limelight in the market gradually lost, in order to boost its long-term plan to develop a five-year, at the end of China's retail expansion strategy to regain, and named it the "Gateway 2015 program." The core of this program are: the offline retail stores from 550 cities extended to 1400, adding 2,500 stores. High Skyline general manager of Greater China director of Adidas Group (Colin Currie), told reporters, "Our goal is very simple, that is, until 2015 when he became the leading sports brand in Greater China." The Adidas achieve two punch of this strategy, the first is the category attack - promoted market faster through a combination of each category; the second is to expand into emerging cities. Skyline High said, "future growth in this emerging medium and small cities, which we call the future of the city." Once the effect of policy changes directly reflected in the number of years of earnings: Greater China since fiscal 2010 cheap jordans for sale mens , from 1 billion euros in sales growth for five years, a total increase of about 80%; the other hand, the Group's overall performance, but only from the 2010 fiscal year rose to 11.99 billion euros in fiscal year 2014 of 14.534 billion euros, an increase of about 21%. focus on the Greater China market in 2015 has become an important strategic Adidas, according to high Skyline revealed that the road leading to 2015 this program also has a name called "Win in China, win the future": "We believe Chinese market for the world's major sporting goods brands are essential, so Adidas want access to global success, we must strengthen investment in China, win in China. " This year is crucial for Adidas, the year is ending, "leading to the 2015 road". And a dramatic change this year, also indicates that Adidas have to cope with many unexpected challenges. Adidas had 20 years of cooperation with the Chinese Football Association, did not wait for Chinese football to fruition, when the end of 2014 with the Chinese Football Association not to renew, the Chinese soccer team has miraculously victory in the Asian Cup group match three games. store expansion into growth engines In contrast with local brands shrink stores, an increase of two years the store has become an important driving force Adidas sprint performance in Greater China. Skyline High, said: "First, we are rapidly expanding Original Classic Series stores Second, in the Chinese market hype NEO store, it has become the Chinese market leader in sports series third, we do improve with the dealer. store and display the way they operate. Fourth, improve the capacity and quality of store employees, so that they can communicate more professionally with the consumer. " segmentation of the retail outlets to enhance the brand experience segmentation of retail strategy is a part of the Adidas retail expansion plans: in cheap foamposites the "Gateway 2015 of the Road" program in the newly opened shop in 2000, there are some different from the traditional store segmentation shop. These are Chinese consumers to create customized consumer experience include Adidas Brand Center, Women's footwear specialty stores and franchise stores. In volume terms, Adidas subdivision stores in Greater China currently has more than 80, accounting for 1% of the ratio. The reason why there is such a policy, high Skyline explained: "In 2015 the road leading to the formulation of strategies, professional survey found that consumers there are shops segmentation of the demand because in the past three to four years, China. consumer tastes become more sophisticated, consumption patterns become more mature, they have more self-selection and segmentation needs. segmentation model stores, can adapt to different consumer tastes and consumer preferences. " channel sink, expanding cities of the future Save inventory and other closed shop different brands, in this round of industry downturn, the Adidas remains a not low speed shop. Since "the road leading to the 2015" strategy to carry out, Adidas in China added as much as 2,000 stores, mostly in the lower line of the "city of the future." High Skyline revealed that in 2014 Adidas newly opened store in the heart of the future of the city's shops accounted for 50%. For Adidas, the future of the city's layout and cities vary. "Those products that resonate in such cities Beijing, Shanghai, consumer groups may not be suitable for three, four-city market." According to the market survey results show Adidas "brand" concept is a very important factor in a second-tier city market, but in the third and fourth-tier cities, "Brand added price" has become a more influential factor. Thus, according to the needs of different market Adidas put in different product categories. For exam Cheap air jordans for sale ple, Adidas Homecourt generally targeted at high-end stores in the form of first-tier cities, the sale of limited edition products or star logo has also only have a sales center in the brand. China to promote the localization of marketing activities Adidas has reached the 2015 final of the year ending strategy and launched a new global project - campaign to promote the project, through this project continues to consolidate its position in the sports brand. High Skyline told reporters: "We have issued a 'Sport 15' campaign The marketing campaign will show the world sports core of our brand, mainly to the sports performance series presented to the consumer, so that they understand the Adidas itself. and adhere to the core concept of Adidas. " main sports performance series, the consolidation of the professional status Before the Spring Festival this year, released the latest soccer advertising "is jealous of you qualify it?", The Adidas soccer goal is to create a consumer noble, arrogant, unruly and other elements mixed visual experience. According to Adidas data, this campaign has aroused wide concern in the advertising in-line 48 hours, it produced 1,300 online interaction. The introduction of this star-studded advertising, may be seen as Adidas for their football positions consolidated. Football has been the traditional areas of strength category Adidas. This advantage is facing the threat of newcomers. Promotion of the marketing campaign will lay the foundation for Adidas in 2015. Other activities, including football and basketball categories. "Sisters" theme to promote, and tap the potential of the female consumer market Adidas 2015 Women's series of promotional activities had begun. This year is the third year Adidas "Sisters" marketing theme, they proposed a new slogan - "There are sisters, not impossible." major brands have launched women's p cheap jordan shoes for men roduct line, the women shop are new markets for all sports brands, such as Nike in 2014 opened the world's only two stores, opened a Chinese only. Canada's women's sports brand lululemon yoga into China did not open the store, but only opened showrooms. But Adidas at the end of last year opened three stores. This means that the world-renowned sports brand battleground is shifting to women's sports product line, which may also become an important strategy for Adidas in the Chinese market. Adidas said sales growth of the company products is very strong woman, in 2013 has maintained double-digit growth. In this regard Skyline High said: "In doing strategic road leading to the 2015, when the survey research we did in 2010 found that Chinese women have the rapid changes in the market segments, it is becoming increasingly important Chinese market . " According to these surveys, Adidas in 2013 launched a special marketing programs for women. This is its first attempt in the Chinese market, but also all the Chinese sports brand first introduced marketing programs for women. Thereafter, Adidas opened its first female store, mainly for relatively high-end female consumer. Skyline High, said: "Women's products have always been our fastest-growing business in China, one of the latest brand category tracking survey, significantly enhance our influence in the female consumer groups in the Adidas brand recognition. knowledge of, and familiarity with aspects of the willingness to buy improved significantly. " Although the plan is still unwilling to disclose the specific stores, but Adidas China has also confirmed that 2015 will continue to open more stores woman. High Skyline believe this year's women's market is still very optimistic. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Shannon Love fashion brand)It appears that J Retro jordans for sale ordan Brand has teamed up with Public School once again and this time they use the Air Jordan 12 as the silhouette. Advertisment The last design were two Air Jordan 10 versions, and now they take their talents to design this premium Air Jordan 12. The shoe is fully built with a premium suede upper that is full covered in all-Dark Grey and Black. Other details include the PSNY logo on the tongue and sock liner, finished with Public School wording on the insole. Air Jordan 12 PSNY Release Date Check out the detailed images below and look for the Public School Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? to release on December 12th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retail stores, including at 3PM EST. The retail price tag will be set at $300 USD. Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? Dark Grey/Dark Grey-Black 130690-003 December 12, 2015 $300 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will once again release tonight exclusively on at 8PM EST via J23App. ?C Anyone get lucky? UPDATE: Public School will be re-releasing their Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? tonight at 8PM EST exclusively on UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will be debuting tomorrow, December 12th and they??ll be housed in a familiar slide-out box that is used on the brands iconic Air Jordan 11 silhouette. Check out a few detailed images below via JD and let us know how many of you will be copping these this weekend in the comments section? UDPATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will be available on December 12th on at 3PM ET and 12PM PST. Retail is set at $300 USD. @Xx_Jonathan The Air Jordan 12 Public School launches 12.12 at 3pm ET for $300. Please stay tuned for the latest. (@nikestore) December 8, 2015 UPDATE: Nike has released official images of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? that will be releasing on December 12th. UPDATE: Jordan Brand has announced the official release date for the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? that will debut on December 12th, 2015. UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? now has a release date set for December 12th, 2015 via @_PO2345 with a look at the tag label. UPDATE: While we still wait for a release date, here are a few on-feet images of the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? via @copkickz. UPDATE: Here are the latest detailed images of the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? collaboration that is still without any release details at the moment. Stay tuned for more updates. UPDATE: Following a few set of preview images, we finally have a detailed look via @us11hustla at the Public School x Air Jordan 12 Retro that is fully dressed in a Dark Grey/Black color scheme with PSNY branding throughout and Public School wording on the insole. Still no release date, but stay tuned for more updates. Jordan Brand is slated to re-release the Air Jordan 3 Retro ??88 ??Black Cement?? this Holiday, being the last time we seen them release was in 2001. The Air Jordan 3 Retro ??88 ??Black Cement?? features a Black tumbled leather base with Cement Grey detailing, Red hints and a White ??Nike Air?? logo on the back heel. No official word has been set for a release date, but keep it locked to Sneaker Bar for further updates. Advertisment Source: defynewyork Don't you recall the initial time you witnessed the store's free runs? Effectively we personally thought the item looked really odd. Afterwards, we have had the particular thinking to just accept who's is just unique with specific to it right. And then by moment, many have found yourself in thanks. This is because their unique styling and design and it also doesn't just simply fall consistent with the rest of the actual sneakers that just remain releasing old styles of nike free runs in completely new colors. In fact, this has is now released in PE designs.What you see recommendations the shoes look great in our own opinion especially when exercising on the Knicks color concept utilized by it. we can just think how it might look more enhanced when it gets matched utilizing original quality from our free runs online. I like this article,and it's from to take part in a marathon, the focus of the most important is you want to Xianpao was finished, otherwise all the scores or target speed is just talk. Culture "finish" is the first attempt (whether full marathon or half marathon) marathon runner of the primary task, before a gradual, cumulative sufficient amount of training and match a single long distance long range jogging, will be able to develop good aerobic fitness and muscle endurance, but also can enhance your confidence, let you in the match day full of courage to embark on the starting line, because you know that you will successfully finish the race. image source: Running Taiwan Nike fan group and to have finished the race, want to breakthrough achievements in runners, long distance training still have the necessity of the training, the more adequate amount of training, you in the long distance running Vietnam can do a job with skill and ease the mixing speed, the use of body fat as an energy source, you can under the foundation of physical fatigue, through the speed of practice to improve performance, if even finish the race was difficult, it should be to speed up the pace, the second half of the game may only physical decline, the stall in retreat. challenge the limits of self exploration, and break through the wall have you heard of the "wall"? Running body while burning stored in vivo hepatic carbohydrate and fat as an energy source, the glycogen will be given priority in the use of, and when the movement time is too long, the body glycogen is depleted, and fat to less than the supply of physical exercise, muscle will be due to a lack of energy and no work can be done, the brain will stop you "mutilations, wants you to stop, you will feel what is run down. At the same time, often on the verge of muscular endurance limit, legs like a thousand pounds, as if to run more than one step is very difficult, this is the so-called marathon wall. runs through the long distance training to develop muscle endurance, fat burning capacity is a marathon training program (photo source: Running Taiwan Nike fans group) for the novice, because the body has not yet adapted to long distance running, muscular endurance and the fat burning ability is insufficient, so before the game should practice of long distance running, on the one hand through the movement of the muscle, training muscular endurance, on the other hand also to let the body under the situation of lack of energy, learn to use fat as an energy source, so in the course of the game, adipose conversion for energy efficiency will be relatively high, can timely make up for in vivo glycogen depleted of energy gaps. In addition, through the exercise of practical long distance, you also know that self chuck the occurrence period of time, in order to advance the energy supply. long distance training runs, though important, but still should be carried out step by step, according to the table class exercises and a conservative to increase training capacity; and ran group or running friends together long distance endurance run is no longer fit also but, because of the long distance as its name is smelly and long, individual training run is likely to give up because the process is tedious, the group ran a friend in, ran to chat, you will find distance and time is no longer a long, complete a long-distance running, the original is not as imagined so difficult. select the appropriate equipment, find 〉